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Feb. 28th, 2006 | 06:13 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: Toxological (Rare Mix) - L7

Eighteen days until the meetings in L.A. begin and I am scrambling to ensure all my ducks are in a preverbial row, or at least some discerning pattern. I have histories, maps, storys, and diagrams ready to go. I just stand back and look at the pile of mess on my bed and think, will anyone understand this mess besides me? My brother is finishing the game presentation, which he is telling me is pushing 150 pages. YIKES! Nicole is doing sketches for the presentation *happy!* so that will definately bring the story to life for the suits. I am so freaking nervous and excited.

I decided to put off getting clothes for the meetings. I went the other weekend, but I was so shocked by the sizes I lost I thought, if I keep this up I still have three weeks to go, I could be 2 sizes smaller. So shopping postponed!

I got the stupidest IM today. Back when I was with Erik, he had this friend named Evangeline, and we were decent to one another even though she was after him. After the break up, we almost were exchanging fists we hated each other so much. It was almost a Jerry Springer episode, the hate was so intense. So now, three years later, the bitch IMs me?! She like, "Hi Girl!" and all friendly and telling me about her life. I'm sitting there thinking, Erik sent her fishing. Finally, as expected, she asked about Erik. And then, as expected, she pushed for information on Lee. Since Erik had decided Lee and I would EVENTUALLY cheat on him, he walked out. Six months later, Lee and I took it to the next level. So was he right? No. He just held the door for me. I will never forgive that cold hearted son of a bitch for not coming to tell me good-bye before I left Memphis. Even Mike made time for me. Guess it goes to show you, your real friends are the ones there at the end.

Hah! They took out double-trinketing in WoW. Hah! Poor Lee. Anyhow, dinner and job time followed by Battlegrounds in WoW.

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Feb. 12th, 2006 | 11:34 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Wumpscut - Thorns

A pleasent weekend, quiet mostly. I spent Friday and some of Saturday morning in conference calls, so my butt was a bit sore. I grabbed the dog and went for my walk/run as I neglected it on Friday. This diet is killing me, but I am doing well and the results are showing, so I continue! I love Matt for volunteering to be my trainer. (He's so hot!)

I am watching some zombie movie on television, now first of all, I am a zombie movie FANATIC, but this one is just plain silly. Very silly. I can't even get past the bad story to enjoy watching people get eaten. I mean even Land of the Dead isn't this bad. The only salvation for this movie is Sid Haig, the MAN, is in it and is a zombie. For you novices, if you have seen House of 1000 Corpses he is the man who owns the murder ride. He's great. If you haven't seen Devil's Rejects, definately worth getting just for Haig's scenes. Okay, I've had enough of this movie. I bought all the old school Amityvilles just for nostaliga, going to stick one of those in now.

Lot's to do tomorrow. Dropped a size or two so I am going to drive up to San Antonio and do some clothes shopping before my trip, but hopefully back in time for raid fun in Warcraft.

Wow I hate my new keyboard. The set of keys with Insert and Delete is like, vertical, two columes of three keys. I keep going for a key and it's not there. Damn you Logitech!

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I return

Feb. 10th, 2006 | 04:55 am
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Kill Bill Soundtrack - Death Rides a Horse

I left LiveJournal and it's drama over a year ago. I have been posting elsewhere, but seems I do not enjoy any place as much as I did this. So here I stay, confident that those who drove me away from livejournal will perhaps leave me be this time.

My life has been a true whirlwind these last six months. Six months ago I was sitting in a Memphis apartment, going to class, and living in a state of general existence. Life changed in September when I was given my first screenwriting contract. I remember signing it, getting all the notarizations and okays from lawyers, and slipping it into the FedEx envelope and mailing it to that address on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Wow. It's for real. I came home and started to get my clothes ready for work the next day when I decided, you know what, it's time to chase this dream as far as I can. So I quit, packed up, gave all my furniture away, and shoved everything into storage.

My happiness level is through the roof. Home base is Texas, but the contract takes me all over. I have money and time now, to just write and be with loved ones. When I fly to Los Angeles and enter a room with the money guys and I speak, they really listen to everything I have to say. It is so intense.

That's about the biggest thing in my life at the moment. I don't know much else to update anyone on. Lee and I are going strong, even though we see even less of each other now. I go back to LA in March, so I have a lot of things to get on paper before then.

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